Thursday, 16 December 2010

Commentary progress

Last lesson we recorded a few shots of all of us separately explaining different elements of out music video. We answered the questions provided and even went a bit further and expanded on some points. We are going to try to merge the commentary with the music video itself so that they both play simutainalsy. We think that it will make the commentary look a little less boring.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Music video feedback

Today our media class took the time to evaluate each other's music videos. We received a lot of helpful feedback and analysis of our piece.

People liked our sticking to convention with the use of motor vehicles and an urban contemporary attitude - typical for the genre which we aimed to achieve.

People also commented on the effectiveness of the linking between the title and message of the song 'Amongst the Madness' and the use of jerky handycam in places and the use of 'strange' shots. One particularly interesting comment noted the intensity of the camera work was an effective tool to draw in the attention of viewers.

A criticism we received was a lack of focus on the performing artists, the video featured a small amount of lip syncing but this is only towards the beginning of the song and the focus is then changed to concentrate on the other shots.

Another positive element picked up on was the editing, which was both original and consistent. The part with the hoods of cars popping up and down in time to the beat was particularly well received, while it was suggested that there could have been more variations in shot types, which is somewhat untrue in the whole groups opinion, as we seemed to have many more shot types than competing groups.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Star Analysis

Today we will be analysing the career and image of Roots Manuva, real name Rodney Smith, born and raised in South London. Roots's work has been attributed as the predecessor to modern grime music. Often incorporating a very English feel in his music including references to cheese on toast and pints of bitter. He released his first single 'Next Type of Motion' in 1995 and has subsequently released seven studio albums, all of which have achieved varying degrees of critical and chart success.

Instead of focusing on the typical hip-hop staples of guns, cars and bitches Rodney's lyrics tend to focus on deeper themes including dub, poverty and the fleeting nature of life.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Examples of underground music videos

evaluation of blog from r1-19

i think there is am insufficient amount of posts on the blog considering the amount of time that has been spent doing this. However the posts that have been done are done to a good quality in my opinion. the post on Mise En Scene i think is one of the best because it shows a specific idea and shows where the filming will be done. the post about the cars and clothing is also good because it shows a good use of props and that your sticking to a strict guideline on your budget, e.g. the £2 chain.